The Immigrant Issue


A young man hitches a ride on top of a cargo train from Arriaga, Chiapas to Ixtepec, Oaxaca in southern Mexico. In addition to the risk of falling off the train (amputations and death are common), gangs frequently extort migrants and charge them $100 to ride. They face threats of being thrown off the train, kidnapped, raped or trafficked if they do not pay. Photo by MigraZoom participant.

Mexico | A View from Both Sides: Stories of Migration by Photographer Encarni Pindado


By Asmara Pelupessy
Journeying alongside migrants in Mexico, photographer Encarni Pindado has gained the trust and access to tell integrated, truthful stories about migration. She believes that “Stories of migration have been reported in the media from many different angles, but rarely told by the migrants themselves.”

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